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Marine Science for Kids


A colorful, comprehensive, and friendly guide to the underwater world, Marine Science for Kids features tons of cool creatures, marine habitats, real-life marine scientists, and hands-on, cross-curricular activities in each chapter.

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Marine Science for Kids is a colorful, fun, photo-filled guide to exploring our underwater world. In these pages, you’ll delve deep into the science of aquatic study, including geology, chemistry, and biology in both salt- and freshwater environments, and gain insight into the real-world practice of aquatic science. You’ll discover how and why oceans move, and learn the answers to questions such as “Why is the ocean blue?” You’ll meet cool creatures, including sharks and rays, penguins and other seabirds, whales and dolphins, squids and octopuses, and many more. You’ll uncover some of the most pressing challenges facing marine environments and find out how you can use your talents to make a difference. Real-life marine scientists share what inspires them every day and provide insights into their exciting careers. Hands-on activities in each chapter make learning fun.

Kids can: make an edible coral reef; explore marine camouflage; construct a water-propelled squid; test methods of cleaning up an oil spill; experiment with ocean acidification; and much more.

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